About Us - What we Do?

RazorWorks came about when it was noticed that there seemed to be an opportunity for small scale laser cutting of steel products, the prevailing opinion being one that, when a client was looking for work to be done, on custom projects of limited runs, or even “one offs” that they were told the job was “too small” by companies with the capability to do the cutting, but due to overhead costs, such as rent, designers and equipment operators, these costs made the project seem out of reach.
Razorworks has the capability to do these small productions runs or “one offs” and due to low operational costs, these small, highly custom projects are now affordable. Our laser can cut and engrave a large variety of materials, from cutting cardboard, right up to cutting 2mm mild steel, as well as engrave on leather, tiles, granite, glass and mirrors, and many more materials.
In addition to our laser, we also have the capability to do welding, rolling and bending of sheet metal, allowing us to complete a wide range of designs.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries about our products and services, if you have an idea, we can more than likely, turn it into a masterpiece!